Tempest is a holistic, evidence-based digital recovery program for those who are striving to change their relationship with alcohol.

Since June, I have been working on the Brand and Marketing team to elevate the look and feel of Tempest.
Brand Design, Interaction Design
6 Months
Modern Recovery
Modern Recovery is a campaign we launched to highlight the different stages of the recovery journey. The campaign itself is grounded in personal agency and built upon real community stories.

Creative direction and visual design by Timah Kabba, illustrations by Helen Li, and development by Eke Wokocha.
Mobile Interaction for the Modern Recovery Microsite
For this project, I was responsible for designing the mobile experience of the microsite. The desktop version of the microsite was designed to be highly interactive, complete with mode toggles, multiple overlay menus, and a zoom-and-move mural on the home page.

The main challenge with designing the mobile experience was to consider how the complex desktop interactions could be translated into a mobile environment.
A Compilation of Screens from the Modern Recovery Microsite
Another aspect of the Modern Recovery project was a social media campaign to complement the microsite. Here, I was involved in designing assets for our Facebook and Instagram channels.
Social Assets for the Modern Recovery Campaign
The Last Six Weeks
The Last Six Weeks is an end-of-year campaign that we launched to highlight the stresses associated with the final weeks of the year and how to cope with them.

Illustrations by Jiaqi Wang.
Concept for The Last Six Weeks Campaign
Before we commissioned Jiaqi for these beautiful illustrations, we had to develop a creative direction that complemented the narrative of the campaign.

After intensive mood-boarding, a color palette, along with example visual motifs, were then passed onto Jiaqi as references for her illustrations.
Snapshots from TLSW Landing Page
In addition to a landing page, a social media campaign was launched to promote the six-week email series.

For both the email series and the social media assets, we wanted to utilize color as an indicator for progress – as you progress through each week's lesson, the background color gets gradually lighter.
Social Assets for TLSW (Part 1)
Social Assets for TLSW (Part 2)
Camp Tempest
Camp Tempest is our inaugural company off-site event. Although the event was completely virtual this year due to COVID-19, it created a space for different functional teams to come together, celebrate progress, and discuss our vision.

With direction from Timah Kabba.
Invitation Posters for Camp Tempest
For the off-site event, I was responsible for creating coaster designs and developing concepts for the event t-shirt. Both the coasters and t-shirts were then sent to production and mailed to each Tempest employee.
Coaster Design for Camp Tempest
T-Shirt Design for Camp Tempest ("Could You Mute Your Mic" Illustration by Christina Moreland)
Social + Ads
A core component of my role as a brand designer is to create assets for our many and various marketing touchpoints – these include marketing emails, weekly newsletters, Instagram, Facebook, and paid ads.
Social Assets for Instagram (Illustrations by Janice Chang)
Paid Ads Assets (Illustrations by Janice Chang)