IDEO is an international design and consulting firm. In the summer of 2019, I was an Interaction Design intern at IDEO's Cambridge studio.
Interaction Design, Graphic Design
3 Months
IDEO Homepage
One of the projects I was involved with over the course of my internship was to develop a set of interaction concepts for the hero section of the IDEO homepage.

The goal of the project was to brainstorm and create new interactions that support a new navigation framework that features the six different facets of IDEO's diverse portfolio - growth, experiences, change, the future, society, and you.
Hero Section Concept
The idea behind the design shown above (and animated below) is to display a collage of project images that are associated with each keyword.

Each collage is color-coded and moves horizontally across the browser in a parallax manner based on the keyword selected.
Hero Section Concept
This assignment expanded my exposure to communication design and allowed me to collaborate closely with various stakeholders within IDEO, including IDEO's Global Design Director and other Interaction/Communication Design Leads.
Another project I worked on during my internship was Breakerbox, a joint venture between IDEO and Exelon exploring the energy procurement space.

Breakerbox's main offering is a digital product that allows businesses to optimize energy procurement and manage energy usage.
My work on Breakerbox can be categorized into four main work streams - developing the visual style and branding of Breakerbox, creating an onboarding flow that maximizes conversion among new users, designing a new marketing website based on Breakerbox's new visual style, and standardizing the web application UI.
Marketing Website Concept
disruptor in the ernergy procurement indrustry, creating a graphic style that adheres to that vision and purpose.
Web Application UI
The main product offering of Breakerbox is the web applcation that allows users to manage energy options for all of their properties.
Onboarding UI
Using motion design to add element to the onboarding process.
Onboarding Interaction