Fractal Magazine
Fractal Magazine began as a passion project between me and my friend from Hong Kong International School as we were unsatisfied about the prevailing landscape of art/design related literature in Hong Kong.
Art Direction
14 Months
Fractal is a mathematical term describing a shape that, when analyzed at any scale, will resemble the form of the shape as a whole.

The purpose behind this project is to paint our readers a better picture of Hong Kong through analyzing the various subcultures housed by the beautiful city I call home.
Our vision eventually became a seventy page magazine exploring the various art and design cultures in Hong Kong. We decided to focus on covering three main areas: Wan Chai, Tai Ping Shan, and Causeway Bay.
Our magazine guide also features an “Essentials” section. In this section, we introduce some of our favorite personal products.

All of the photographs from the magazine were taken in-house.