Cherrystems is a web and mobile application that automates music production by utilizing coded templates, pitch analysis, and sound categorization.
Head of Design
1 Year
I joined the Cherrystems team in the spring of 2017 as their fourth official member; at that time, the team needed a designer that could oversee the visual aspects of the project, such as UI development and branding. Since then, our team’s vision for the product has pivoted multiple times, but my core responsibilities as head designer have not changed.
Initial Concept of the Mobile Application
User Flow
Early in our development process, we were unknowledgeable about the significance of information architecture and overlooked the importance of well-defined user flows. Thus, I took the initiative to create a mobile application user flow for our then MVP.

With this particular user flow, we wanted to realize the social aspect of the application by enabling communication between different profiles.
Design System
In the summer of 2018, Cherrystems was chosen as one of the five teams to participate in the Real Industry Entrepreneurship Startup Program. Over the course of two weeks, we were able to refine our development roadmap through talking to mentors hailing from companies such as Google, Pandora, and Eventbrite.

After the Real Industry program, we wanted to fundamentally change our approach to design and development; thus, I created a design guideline that would assist our team’s workflow.  
Excerpt of the Cherrystems Design System
The design guideline serves as a single point of reference for both UI design and front-end development. Having an established design system decreases the level of ambiguity in our workflow and effectively streamlines our development efforts.

Since the Real Industry program, our team has been focusing on creating a new web demo platform that serves the sole purpose of showcasing the capabilities of our algorithm. Through trial and error, the team has learned how to better allocate our limited development resources. In doing so, we have learned more about ourselves as a team and the goals we want to achieve with this project.